Sarkodie has taken sides with my enemy butai??i?? ai??i?? Samini


Dancehall artiste Samini strongly believes that even though he has no issues with rapper Sarkodie, he has taken sides with his enemy.

He noted that over the years, Sarkodie has demonstrated through his wordsAi??and actions that he supportsAi??Shatta Wale, who he, Samini has had issues with.

Speaking in an interview with KMJ on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Samini noted that he wouldnai??i??t hesitate to seek some explanation from the Tema-based rapper should the opportunity present itself.

ai???When I get Sark[odie] on a one-on-one interview on TV or on radio maybe he would explain to me certain things because thereai??i??s been a few occasions that he would throw a shade or two because something that maybe I might have said or might have defended that makes him come across in a certain way,ai??? Samini said.

The High Grade Family CEO recounted that Sarkodie took a shot at him in his ai???Borgaai??i?? song where he said, ai???Bisa Sonni Bali, adee a, Yoggi Doggi de ye Saminiai??? to wit ai???ask Sonni Bali what Yoggi Doggi did to Saminiai??i??.

According to Samini, when he confronted Sarkodie about the line, he couldnai??i??t answer, and because of that ai???I realised that when the riots and the beef came, he was towing more to the camp of my opposition because he could not answer my question about the punchline he used on that

The only thing he remembers aboutAi??Yoggi Doggi was when he battled him in a performance at the first Joy FM Skuuls Reunion which was emceed byAi??Dr Duncan.

Samini further made reference to an interview in which Sarkodie was quoted as sayingAi??ai???he is not a fan of Samini music,ai??? but had early on stated in an earlier freestyle that “he wants to blow and become like

The ai???Time Bombai??i?? hit singer believes that the rapper simply wants to gang up with the opposition in orderAi??to defeat him a reason why he, Sarkodie has done collaborations with Shatta Wale.

Asked if he has issues with Sakodie, Samini stressed he is cool with the rapper, citing, theAi??ai???Love Rockai??i?? song they recorded together andAi??a couple of other collaborations which are yet to be released.

ai???He is a young cat that is really smart and knows how to go about things when it comes to industry related issues,ai??? Samini added. bystolic 5 mg. safe generic pills viagra brand php. over the counter viagra cvs. buy Zenegra, buy clomid. prescription drugs viagra. maxifort.


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