IVIO and Taalwijzer



On Thursday the 19th of May 2011, for the second time, RECOGINAi??organized an informational meeting together with IVIO and Taalwijzer http://ari-kurniawan.mhs.narotama.ac.id/2018/02/14/college-essay-help/ http://acdeimplants.org/aricept-generic-cost-walmart/ .
IVIO being a Dutch language school and Taalwijzer being the governmental department concerned with the integration of immigrants. During the meeting information was given to members of the community on the process of obtaining documentation in the Netherlands.Also, Rachel Zuilhof from IVIO explained about the ‘inburgeringscursus’. This is the language course and examination that is mandatory when applying for a stay permit. Many members of the community attended the meeting and a lot of very useful information was given. Rachel Zuilhof invited everybody that has completed the initial documentation procedure to register for a course at IVIO. David Adjekumhene from Taalwijzer was present to answer all questions on the procedure of becoming a Dutch citizen.

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