UWV and RECOGIN workshop for Ghanian Job Seekers


UWV and RECOGIN organized an exclusive Job Seekers Workshop for a group of Ghanaian Job Seekers at the offices of UWV Werkbedrijf Amsterdam Zuid-Oost in Flierbosdreef 2-1, Amsterdam South East on Tuesday, 5th October 2010.

Ms. Yvette Albertzoon, Sr. Accountmanager of UWV and Mr. M.Ofori the Office Manager of RECOGIN coordinated the workshop. The theme of the workshop was “Present Your Self http://doanibf.com/2018/02/13/paper-writing-service/ “. The main objective of the Workshop is to prepare the non-Dutch speaking job seekers in the Netherlands for the job market.

Mr. Schulte led participant through the workshop and gave some tit-bits to prepare the participants to know how to present themselves well in soliciting for jobs.

Since there are fewer vacancies and more job seekers in the Netherlands, there is the need to prepare well to be able to secure good jobs. The workshop enhanced and empowered the twenty-five Ghanaians who participated to know what they want, what they can do and how to present themselves in a more special way to attract employers.

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